Happy Holidays!

 I wanted to give y'all a lil somethin somethin to hold you over
until all of your Holiday Festivities! Enjoy 3x my face! Tis the Season . . . 


Ode to Electricity

Never have I ever been more thankful for Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb.

GUYS!. Guys. Just listen to this. As many of you know L.A. had a crazy windstorm last Wednesday Night. Wellllll I lost my power for 3 WHOLE DAYS!! I barely got it back last night. Doesn't sound like much but it was like a third world country at my house. A third world country in the 1600's. SO EFFING THANKFUL FOR ELECTRICITY!

Sooo yeahhh that happened. Which is WHY I've been so MIA. BUT I'm here now! So let's talk.

Tis the season for the industry to slowwww it dowwwwn a bit and get into vaca mode. But since I get bored easily I like to keep busy doin some funnn stufff.

In addition to doing workshops (which you KNOW I weirdly love doing) I think I wanna start just filming a BUNCH of great scenes and stuff?! I mean I DID buy a camera and I should start putting it to use! Maybe I could do like one a week!?!? Like a TV series or something......yeahhhh.....I like that......the Lilah show..............or something.......
SO y'all can definitely look forward to lots of goodies coming your way for December! Yay!
~ Lilah



Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I am so Happy and Thankful for everything and everyone in my Life. And if you're reading this that includes YOU =)

Surround yourself with family, friends, love&light.

Give Thanks.

Be Merry.

Stuff your face. I know I will. Seriously. I'm going to the Queen Mary Champagne Brunch. Tables and tables of food. I will be passed out for at least 48 hours post meal. And weight 700 lbs. Wish me luck.

I love you all ~


High Class Jersey Shore Guidette Call Girl

Did everyone have an amazing 11.11.11?! Did some Epic wishing go down?! Hopeeee soooo!

I got two very last minute auditions this week and I'm still chuckling to myself about the characters I got to play. FIRST was to play a Typical Jersey Shore Guidette and the SECOND was to play a High Class Call Girl for Criminal Minds................................type casted much?.............KIDDING!! I'm not a High Class Jersey Shore Guidette Call Girl.............or am I?..........ok seriously no I'm not...

My agent called me and asked me if I could do a Jersey Accent and I was like "TOTES!" knowing that I could LEARN it and then she was like AWESOME!! Be at this place by 5 today and audition for the Jersey Shore Guidette Chick........and I was like fuuuuuuuuuuhhhhk. I literally had enough time to come home do the standard poof on my hair and throw on an episode of Jersey Shore in the background and listen to the accent. I pulled it off though hehehe yeahhh! We will see how THAT turns out.

The other exciting thing that happened this week is that the episode of Etiquette Ninjas that I'm in is being featured on Funny Or Die right now! I know ALL of you have already seen it because I posted it on my page ;-) but its SO MUCH BETTER on the ACTUAL Funny Or Die website! Go look ~~~> FunnyOrDie.com/m/68bx

That has been my week friends! I am going to keep up this Posting Pace! Its good right? You like it? Ok good I'll keep it up.

Madly in love with you all <3

xo, Lilah



**Ahem** . . . **AHHH-HEMM** I would like everyone to take note that this is INDEED my second post of the week! Awww yeahhhhh TOLD YOU I would do it! Yess!

Ok time for a disclaimer:


You GUYS! Guys. I was given one of the hardest scenes ever to do for acting class this past week. Seriously. It was from True Blood to play an ancient Vampire named Salome. As in THE Salome from the bible. Dark haired with dark features, exotic looking, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and /or African. An ancient vampire who is a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent. She also has quite a lot of madness in her. She is the most powerful person in every way yet capable of hiding this power when it serves her purposes. Doesn't sound THAT hard right? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO!

The thing that I discovered from the scene we were given is that she's basically an Evangelical Vampire (I just made that up) and fiercely believes that humans are animals and were put on the earth to feed US (the Vampires). The entire scene was basically her PREACHING about that! 

We were assigned the same scene AGAIN this week (oy) so we can all (and by "all" I mean the girls) find a strong enough substitution for her Intense Evangelical Vampire Beliefs. Since I'm NOT and Evangelical Vampire (and I doubt i'll ever be?) it's been tough for me. I love the scene. It reads REALLY well but MAN this is tough! Wish me luck? Yeah?! Awwww thanks! You guys are the bestest cyber friends evaa!

Oy! I'll let you know how it goes! 


Etiquette Ninjas Vid!!

GUYS! Guys. Do you remember me telling you about that Web Series called Etiquette Ninjas??? That reallllllly funny one that I was gunna film an episode for?! Well its finished! Hereeee it issss!


The Glee Project

So here's the thing . . . even though my last post was only 8 days ago . . . that's not good enough!! Right?? I've def gotten better about posting BUT I wanna start posting AT LEAST twice a week. It's like who DOESN'T wanna hang with their cyber friends more often riiiight? I'm gunna do it. Its gunna happen. Get excited.

Anyhoooo Hayyy Guyssss! How ya doinnn? Splendid I'm hoping!

Guys! I was reading my journal (yes I totes keep a journal. i'm secretly a 13 year old girl.) entries from the past month and I realized that October has been a BADASS MONTH!! LOTS of great auditions! Had some greatttt meetings! And it's only getting better! (damn. I use alot of exclamation points)

To end this supa awesome month and transition into the NEXT supa awesome month I'm auditioning for The Glee Project! Yuppppp on Monday (Halloween!) I will be singing my little heart out for Robert Ulrich. (<--- Be Tee Dubs (btw) I'm SO excited to meet him. He casts American Horror Story. THOROUGHLY geeking out). I got to meet up with my vocal teacher that I haven't seen in AGES to brush up for the audish.

I was realizing that you guys don't know what my singing voice sounds like. I think this means I need to put the song I end up singing on tape for you guys. Yeah its totes gunna happen.

I'm madly in love with you all! Hope you have an amazing weekend and a Happy Halloween! Be Safe!

Till next time dolls <3

~ Lilah



Do you guys even realize how many times I wanted to post this week!? It's like every time I sat down to write I got an audition that needed immediate attention. Jeeeez audishes are SO needy ;-) KIDDING (not kidding)!

Here's one that I put on tape on Wednesday for casting in NY. Its for a little show called DAMAGES on FX with some chick named Glenn Close (whaaaat?!). The two scenes that I did are actually with Glenn Close's character and the idea of acting with her made me stupid giddy! Can. You. IMAGINE?!

Ok let me set it up for you as best I can (there was very little info that came with the audition). In the first scene Glenn Close comes to my house to talk to my mother. I called her because she is a VERY powerful lawyer and my mother is in DESPERATE need of one.

The second scene takes place in Glenn Close's office. We are discussing how to move forward with the lawsuit we want to file. My mother "blew the whistle" on some people (I wish I knew WHO!) to this guy named McClaren. He promised that her identity would be kept a secret but somehow my mother was outed and we're assuming it was McClaren.

I hope that made SOME sense. Like I said there was like NO info that came with this audition.


Oh and P.S................at this point the Universe is playing a funny trick on me in regards to the still shots of my face. It like.....HOW does somebody manage to have THAT many retarded shots of their face???


When one door closes . . .

SOOOOO I've decided that I'm going to start posting more! Yay? YAY!

I meannnn new things (little and not so little) happen allll the time sooo why not share right?? RIGHT.

SO (<~~~ I swearrr to GOD I need to find a new word to replace "so" I use it to start off pretty much every sentence. Trust me its no different when I actually SPEAK in real life. Anywayyyyy back to what I was saying ~~~>) today I got some interesting news . . . a couple of weeks ago I auditioned for the lead in a feature and got a callback. Went to the callback and must have done a pretty good job because they gave me a new scene to do as a cold read! (Nice.)

Welllll a few weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. I just thought Ok I guess I wasn't what they were looking for BUT THEN I got an email forwarded to me today from my agent from the producer from that film! They said I was their #4 Choice (fair enough) BUT he's developing this OTHER feature and he thinks I'm perfect for a role in that. He sent over the script so I can take a look at it. I've read the beginning so far but its looking coooooool.

LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! When one door closes another one opens ~

DO you guys feel thoroughly updated?? I hope so! If not lemme know kayyy? I'd be more than HAPPY to talk more ;-)

Till next time friends! Have a wonderful night ~


It's Friday, Friday

YO YO YO wat upppp!!! <~~~ I could never pull that off in real life.

Just wanted to fill you in on a lil somethin somethin. Me and my friend are developing an awesome web series. He's writing and acting in it and I'm helping him with the production side of it (and of course acting in it duh).

It's going fall under the whole supernatural genre that's oh so very popular right now! And we're actually going to film a scene from it as sort of a teaser within the next week. Yeahhhh hunnay. I can't wait to show you guys!

I honestly wish I could tell you more about it but the write swore me to secrecy. . .

OK WAIT! I never understood why people would start talking about something and get you all excited about it IF THEY KNEW "they couldn't give you any specific details" about it. You know what I'm talking about? Kiiiiiiinda like what I did now?? Oooops. But I mean maybe its ok ONLY when I do it?? ;-)

Anyhoo, I PROMISE to show you the little teaser scene when I it have ok? =)

Happy Friday ~

It’s Friday, Friday . . . Gotta get down on Friday . . . Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (you know that song runs through your head every Friday) . . . .


Be your own #1 Fan

Hey Friends ~

I feel like I have learned some pretty valuable lessons in the past couple of weeks. Perfect timing considering we're in the midst of episodic season and auditions are increasing by the week! Wanna hear em? Are you sureeeee? Ok FINE! If you insist . . .

1. Success is inevitable. Yup. Comforting right?! I know tellllll me about it.

2. #1 is only true if you back it up consistent perseverance, hard work, dedication, passion, specific marketing, focused actions, etc. etc..............omg that's alot.......

3. You can't fail if you don't QUIT!.........Oh thank God....

4. Have INTEGRITY in your work. Do it to its fullest!! Don't make your job, your rep's job, the CDs job, the producer's job etc. HARDER. Don't half ass ANYTHING. Kill it. Always. End of story.

5. BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN!! It's honestly very relieving. Like yourself. Love yourself and all that you do. Who caresssss if nobody else likes you as long as your biggest fan does ;-)

I feel like I've heard people tell me these things a MILLION times before but theres nothing like having them actually sink IN you know?

So there you go Friends. I rarely talk about what's going on with ME. It's usually all about what I'm up to. So I thought this would be a nice change. =)

Hope you enjoyed my inner monologue! ;-)

Tell next timeeeee ~


Broken City

I loved this script. I love it SO MUCH! It's about an ex-cop turned detective (Billy) played by Mark Wahlberg. He's hired by the Mayor of NY to find out who his wife is having an affair with. (DRAMAAAAA)

I play Katy, Billy's right hand girl. In this first scene we're in a restaurant snapping photographs of the Mayor's wife. In the second scene I start to flirt slash hit on Billy. Yeahhhhhhh I have an itty bitty crush on him EVEN THOUGH he's quite a few years older than me AND has a gorgeous actress girlfriend. The rest is self explanatory!!

New Agency~

Hey y'all! I'm with a new Agency now. Same agent just new agency. It's called Media Artists Group. SO EXCITED! Yay =)


Etiquette Ninjas!!

Friends!! Hi :)

How are you on this lovely Tuesday? Great I hope!

Just filling you in on the Life of Lilah. Next Monday (Sept. 19th) I am going to be filming a new episode of a hilarious web series called Etiquette Ninjas!!

If you haven't heard of it go to their website and check em out. Superrrrrr Funnnnny!!

I don't know what the deets are yet but I'm excited! I'll post the episode once its complete =)

Have a great day!


Mafia Princess

~ * A T T E N T I O N  * ~  
My Mafia Princess Debut is upon us! This was for 
General Hospital and I didn't HAVE to put it on tape but it's 
a great scene why not?! 

The role is GINA SOLEITA and I'm the only daughter of a NY crime boss. 
In this scene I'm talking to Johnny, the son of rival gang members who I have a 
not-so-secret crush on, about putting a hit on my father 
*cue epic dramatic music*

 Enjoyyyyy Guyssss!

P.S. I've given up on having a normal still shot of my 
face on these vids . . . 



The Positive Blog

I've started collaborating with this really great blog called "The Positive Blog" 

Check out my Guest Post! Subscribe and support for some tips on a Great Outlook on Life! Doooo itttttttt friedsssssss :-)



The reason I think Positive is because  I feel that Happiness Is A Lifestyle. It’s what you choose to see the good in. It’s how you choose to react to problems. Are you going to wallow in your failures? Or are you going to focus on your successes?
By no means am I suggesting you ignore emergencies that need some attention…but I think we also need to be aware of the fact that what you put your attention on become stronger. If you constantly focus on the negative you’ll attract more negative. BUT if you focus on the positive YOU WILL ATTRACT MORE POSITIVEEEE! Like attracts like. It’s just the way the yoUniverse is ;-)
I am also a firm believer in the idea that what you resist intensely you’ll experience. If you start thinking “No, i don’t want that to happen I DON’T want that to happen” chances are you’ll most definitely find yourself with exactly what you don’t want.  It’s the flip side of like attracting like.
I guess you could say that I think positive because I am very aware of the fact that life is a game. It’s MY game. It is what I make it. Why not make it fun? Why not live a happy life? What you put out into the Universe you’ll get back. It doesn’t matter WHAT it is . . . you just gotta know that it WILL come back to you.
Happiness is a lifestyle . . . and I choose for my life to be POSITIVE-ly stylin ~
~ Lilah Richcreek for The Positive Blog ~


Mark Teschner

Hayyy Friendsss!

Seeeee I told you I wouldn't wait a month to post again ;-)

So remember that Mafia Princess Audition for General Hospital I told you about?? Well I had it on Friday and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. My fantasy role!

But the real highlight of the audition was the Casting Director. Mark Teschner became one of my favorite Casting Directors ever. SO kind and welcoming and just really makes you feel like you're important and that he's on your side you know? I can't tell you how refreshing that is! I'm so thankful I had that opportunity and that I got to meet such a decent person.

I kinda wanna put that audition on tape for you guys to see. It's not required but I mean like . . . why not? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah! That's gunna be my goal for this next week WHICH MEANS I'll be posting again very soon! WHICH MEANS I will be continuing my awesome not-waiting-a-whole-month-to-post-streak! Yeahhhhhh ;-)

Talk soon Friends. Have an amazing day!



It's been almost ONE WHOLE MONTH since I've last posted and that's just . . . not ok right? I mean right??

Ok so let's have a catch up Pow-Wow yeah?? Yeah!

First of all . . . how are YOU doing? I hope you are well and thriving and happy =) Everything has been pretty great on my end.

Remember a couple of months ago when I said I was working on a SURPRISE?!? Welllll . . . I'm still working on it . . . but it's almost done which is super exciting! The launch date is just around the river-bend and I'll be sure that YOU'RE the first to know!

NEXT! I'm obnoxiously excited for an audition I have on Friday for General Hospital. I have this secret fantasy of wanting to play a Mafia Princess. I'm. Not. Kidding. It's probably because I'm part Russian AND Italian. I mean . . . that only makes sense right?? Anyhoo, that's what I'm playing on Friday! What?!? The role is GINA SOLEITA and she is the only daughter of a NY crime boss. I'm. So. Down. 

So, that's been my life for the past couple of weeks. I'll keep you guys posted as things develop! AND I will NOT go a month without posting again. Jeeeeeez Lilah. 


Nellie & Anna

Hayyy Frannss! Happy Sunday!

I taped this audition last Wednesday and I'm just NOW putting it up. What?! I know. Not okay. Anyhoo, like I said, I had to put this audition on tape because the director is out of town until August SO he wanted all of the initial auditions to be on tape . . . to save time assuming. Quite smart if you ask me. 

Its an Indie Drama about two sisters who's mother is a heroin addict and their step father abuses them. I play the older sister Nellie. I'm very protective and have developed a bit of a edge because of the trauma I've been through in my life thus far. 
This scene however is a lighter scene between the two sisters. We're just chatting about dreaming about flying. Two things you'll need to know for the scene: 1.) Venice, CA is where the girls grew up before their dad passed away. Its a symbol of happy carefree times.  2.) Bernie is Anna's (the little sister) ratty stuffed bear.



Summertime ~

SO! (I feel like I start A LOT of my posts with "SO!" . . . . . I do huh? . . . ) It's Summertime . . . and the livin' is easyyyyy . . . and a little less busy!

Summer is typically a slow period for the industry. I mean actors, producers, directors, casting directors etc. need a rest at some point right? THIS means I get to do more of one thing that I actually really love! What's is that? Well I'm sooooo glad you asked! I get to do more Casting Director Workshops!

Once of my favorite places to do them is at The Actor's Key in Burbank. I basically sign up to see a specific Casting Director, pick my scene and perform it for them audition style. We get feedback and everything!

I did a workshop this past weekend with Ani Avetyan who was a doll! She is so unbelievably inspirational and really . . . I mean REALLY cares about actors. LOVED it!

I'm also doing another this Saturday with Scott David. I've been trying to get in to see him for MONTHS but that guy is POP-U-LAR! All of his workshops are always filled! So excited I FINALLY get to meet him.

Summer has been extremely enjoyable so far . . . and NOT just because I've been anticipating my birthday *whispers* which by the way is in 12 days (<----shameless plug. I've been doing it to my friends for the past 3 months. They're ready to kill me.) . It's just nice to get a chance to take a couple of breaths, recharge and get ready for a busy episodic season.

Stay Tuned! Happy *Summer* ~


21 and Over

Wooo! More Auditionsss! 

This one I especially loved! Its a project called 21 and Over and its from the writers of The Hangover. Think . . . The Hangover . . . College Edition. Intrigued much?? This film is going to be hilarious!

My character's name is Nicole.  She's a bohemian, free spirit, IMPOSSIBLY cool chick that captures the heart of one of the male leads.

In the first scene she's meeting Casey (her soon to be love) at a bar and of course flirty banter ensues. 

In the second scene Nicole runs into Casey again but this time at a hospital. Much to her surprise she spots Casey naked except for a strategically placed sock (I told you it was Hangover College Edition) furiously putting on a pair of scrubs. 
Hope you love it!

Oh and P.S. A round of applause for the extreamly awkward still shot of my face!! ;-)


Instant Callbacks are Awesome!

I got a callback for The Finder! I literally heard within an hour of sending the tape to my reps! AND I get to go to the Fox Studio Lot for the first time. Can you say . . . YESSSSSS!!

What an amazing way to start off the week right?!

The Finder

I gots some new goods for ya! 

This is an audition that I just put on tape for a new TV Show called The Finder. Its the spin off of the series Bones so its got that quirky (<--is that how you spell that?) charm that we all know and love!
I play a girl named Willa who is, in a nutshell, a 17 year old badass! She was raised in a family of criminals and is PRO at conning people. Niiiiiice.

Ok so this first scene takes place in the bar where she works at and she is bantering back and fourth with Leo (played by Michael Clark Duncan). 

The second scene she is sitting with Walter (played by Geoff Stults) and he's basically testing her to see how good her intuition is when picking out potential crime suspects.

Hope you loveeeeee it!


Surprise you say??!

Welllll I had lil scheduled photo shoot today for a . . . SURPRISE that I'm working on! YES! That's right! A surrrrprise! I can't give you all the deets right now (because, you know, its a surprise) BUT since you guys are such loyal readers and friends I will give you a sneak peak of some of the pics =)



"Shadow" Final Decision!

Ok so I DIDN'T end up getting the role in that film "Shadow." But its OK you know why?! Because I was actually in the TOP 3 being considered for the part! Not only was I in the top 3 BUT it was against two NAME ACTRESSES! I mean HELLOOOO . . . can we say PROGRESS?! Hell yeah we can!

Seriously its all about taking little victories on the way to the BIG VICTORY. You know what I'm sayin?

Anyhoo . . . I'm staying super busy . . . Post Pilot Season Time hasn't slowed down much . . . juuuuust how I like it. IN FACT there are some sides in front of me as we speak that need some Love.

I'll keep y'all posted! Happy Sunday!


Shadow . . . Call . . . Back ??

SO! I went on an audition for a film called Shadow yesterday and HONESTLY thought the director highly disliked me! He was looking at me with a very puzzled look the whole time. I just thought "Oh well I guess I'm not what they're looking for" and moved on.

How SURPISED why I when I got an email from my agent with the callback info for tomorrow? Dontcha just LOVE when that happens?!

Consider yourself as * P E R F E C T *

This particular entry in The Positive Blog really hit home and I wanted to share. I couldn't agree with it more. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Think POSITIVE my friends.



Consider yourself as perfect. We’ve been made unique and special and that’s as accurate as maths. Actually is more than math, it’s immaculate perfection. An individual’s life value has been already measured. Everyone’s been made sto perfect, and you can’t change perfect. So don’t try to change what you are.
The fact that everyone’s unique makes none the same, everyone is different. Not only outside but also inside. By different I mean, different perceptions of life, between friends, family, and we must learn to tolerate with this situation. Of course you should stand for your rights, but consider the others’ perception of the same thing and evaluate it.
People usually think they are a mess, and think that because they can’t afford to dress like others do, or travel like others do. People that think that if they own an iPhone people will like them. They must know that life is not about dresses or accessories and stuff but all about relationships and feelings among people. They have to give them the idea of truly valuing life and recognizing that all living beings are unique and special and have the right to live on this planet earth in peace.
We all know that fame, money, power or beauty will fade over time, and have no value at all, at last. Don’t ask for anything. Whatever you have, existence is wiser than you think. It has given you everything that you need. Just explore your own treasures and bring them to their fulfilment. Bring every potentiality to actuality. Everybody has some uniqueness.
Just because someone has more beautiful wife than yours, or has a better phone than yours, or because they are more powerful than you are doesn’t mean that you suck. Explore your own world and try to reach the top. Do not ever get dissappointed. We all have our own personality and we can even change personality throughout our life time. Everyone is individual and different, in the same way as everyone’s fingerprints are unique. Personality doesn’t come with clothes or phones.

Your outsides has less than 20% to do with your insides. So try and work on the other 80%. We made perfect.


Captain Veronica

Sooooo . . . today I got to fulfill a life long dream and play . . . a Russian Stripper . . . with a Drug Problem . . . !!! Okayyy so maybe it wasn't my life long dream BUT it WAS fun! 

The scene is super short. I'm basically being approached by my friend about attending Rehab. I hope yallllll enjoy.


"Transfers" CALLBACK YO!

But its now called Ikiva? Noice! I think I got a callback for a different role though? I'M NOT SURE! This project is DEFINITELY keeping me on my toes.


I have to put that one on tape too. So mysterious right? I'll post the vid when it's done.

Until then friends . . .


I mean . . . Why NOT??


ITS HERE! The Transfers Audition Tape is FINALLY here! YES! 

I just shot this today for a film called Transfers. I got to channel my Russian Roots for this. Vat the hell am I talking about?? Ok let me break it down for you. 

I play a girl named Irina who just transferred to USC from Eastern Europe. I am studying Neuropsychiatry and occasionally get possessed by my dead twin sister. VAT?!!? Holly Crap right?! 



I prefer to Be a Busy Bee

Man, have I been busyyyy! That's a good thing. I'd rather be busy than just sitting around.

SO! I've had two more REALLY amazing auditions since the last time we talked. One of them was for an HBO Film called Game Change where I got to play . . . BRISTOL PALIN?!! Hell Yeah! THAT was awesome. They had me improv instead of preparing sides. Yes. I literally got to improv Bristol Palin. Love It.

The other audition I had was for a contract role on The Young and The Restless. I actually met the Casting Director Camille St. Cyr about 3 years ago in a non-audition circumstance so it was so great seeing her again.

AND NOW I am preparing for another audition I have coming up for a film called Transfers. I am SO intrigued by this one because they didn't release a script AND there is an obvious Supernatural element to the film! What?! So mysterious. My imagination is working overtime. But I'm not complaining. I thoroughly love it.

Yeahhh let's keep this goinnnn



Today's Callback went SO well! The casting directors and producers were all super nice and welcoming. I got a TON of laughs (yay). I had FUN! Why have I been drawn to this profession since I was little? Well there's your answer right there! Its. So. Much. Fun.

I'm feeling really amazing right now. I'm so thankful that I have a real honest and true passion for something.

Shout out to Greenstein/Daniel Casting! Today was so much......(yes that's right)..... F U N !


Soooo remember that callback that I got for the pilot Vince Uncensored?? WELL its TODAY! Yess! One thing I always ask myself is WHY do I always have SO much FUN at callbacks? And WHY does it always turn into a partyy? I don't know why but I'm thankful.

SO let's do this! Let's go have some * F U N *

I'll let you know how it goes friends!


Vince Uncensored

Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzz I am THOROUGHLY overwhelming your lives with audition tapes lately huh?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  well why stop now!?! Here's anotha! Its for a CBS Multi-Cam Pilot called Vince Uncensored. I had so much filming it! AND GUESS WHAT! I already got a CALL BACK for this one! Yessssssss! Enjoy the vid and the silly still shot of my face!


The Secret Circle

Heyyy Peeps! So I just put this amazing audition on tape today for a new CW Pilot written by Andrew Miller called "Secret Circle." Its about - get this Teenage Witches! WHAT?!? BADASS Riiiight??! I'm pretty much obsessed with it if you can't tell.

Yoooooo Hoooooo!! Kevin Williamson / Elizabeth Craft / Sarah Fain / Andrew Miller / Leslie Morgentstein / Gina Girolamo................wanna hire me?............Juuuuuust kiiiidding..............*whispers* but I'm so not kidding ;-)

Enjoy Friends!

Oh and P.S. Puuuuhleeeese ignore the creepy still shot of my face! WHOA!


The Office

Just shot this audition for The Office today! I love exercising that Single Cam Comedy muscle. Peep it and see watcha think! Thank You Friends! XOXO


Take a Peek

Just a few pics from the Theo and Juliet Shoot I did. Enjoyyyy


Theo & Juliet

I shot some new heashots with Theo & Juliet today! By far THE GREATEST headshot sesh I've ever had. I loved it and them. Stellar shots, marvelous make up, heavenly hair, warm atmosphere (literally. they had this nifty lil heat-fan-thing), inviting andddd I meannnn....I really can't hate on people who keep their mini fridge stocked with Whole Foods ;-)

I can't wait to share the pics with all of you! Until then friends...




YES!! The rumors are TRUE! Yours Truly is now officially SAG Eligible!! EEEEK!

What better timing than at the start of Pilot Season right?! I'm telling you...its ALLL about 2011. Twenny-Levin ~ Twenny-Heaven. Know it. Live it. LOVE it.

Stay tuned friends. This season is going to be R I C H . 



Twenny-Levin ~ Twenny-Heaven

. . . that's how I see it.

I hope everybody had an E P I C end to Twenty Ten and are ready for a beyond AMAZING year and decade!

LET'S DO THIS! Twenny-Levin ~ Twenny-Heaven. And so it IS ~*~