Shadow . . . Call . . . Back ??

SO! I went on an audition for a film called Shadow yesterday and HONESTLY thought the director highly disliked me! He was looking at me with a very puzzled look the whole time. I just thought "Oh well I guess I'm not what they're looking for" and moved on.

How SURPISED why I when I got an email from my agent with the callback info for tomorrow? Dontcha just LOVE when that happens?!

Consider yourself as * P E R F E C T *

This particular entry in The Positive Blog really hit home and I wanted to share. I couldn't agree with it more. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Think POSITIVE my friends.



Consider yourself as perfect. We’ve been made unique and special and that’s as accurate as maths. Actually is more than math, it’s immaculate perfection. An individual’s life value has been already measured. Everyone’s been made sto perfect, and you can’t change perfect. So don’t try to change what you are.
The fact that everyone’s unique makes none the same, everyone is different. Not only outside but also inside. By different I mean, different perceptions of life, between friends, family, and we must learn to tolerate with this situation. Of course you should stand for your rights, but consider the others’ perception of the same thing and evaluate it.
People usually think they are a mess, and think that because they can’t afford to dress like others do, or travel like others do. People that think that if they own an iPhone people will like them. They must know that life is not about dresses or accessories and stuff but all about relationships and feelings among people. They have to give them the idea of truly valuing life and recognizing that all living beings are unique and special and have the right to live on this planet earth in peace.
We all know that fame, money, power or beauty will fade over time, and have no value at all, at last. Don’t ask for anything. Whatever you have, existence is wiser than you think. It has given you everything that you need. Just explore your own treasures and bring them to their fulfilment. Bring every potentiality to actuality. Everybody has some uniqueness.
Just because someone has more beautiful wife than yours, or has a better phone than yours, or because they are more powerful than you are doesn’t mean that you suck. Explore your own world and try to reach the top. Do not ever get dissappointed. We all have our own personality and we can even change personality throughout our life time. Everyone is individual and different, in the same way as everyone’s fingerprints are unique. Personality doesn’t come with clothes or phones.

Your outsides has less than 20% to do with your insides. So try and work on the other 80%. We made perfect.


Captain Veronica

Sooooo . . . today I got to fulfill a life long dream and play . . . a Russian Stripper . . . with a Drug Problem . . . !!! Okayyy so maybe it wasn't my life long dream BUT it WAS fun! 

The scene is super short. I'm basically being approached by my friend about attending Rehab. I hope yallllll enjoy.


"Transfers" CALLBACK YO!

But its now called Ikiva? Noice! I think I got a callback for a different role though? I'M NOT SURE! This project is DEFINITELY keeping me on my toes.


I have to put that one on tape too. So mysterious right? I'll post the vid when it's done.

Until then friends . . .