The Fat Kids

One of my fave passages from Big Magic in a sub section that's entitled The Fat Kids. 
Just read the damn book.



Straight up.
I'm OBSESSED with Younger on TV Land.

Its kind of the only show I don't DVR because I watch it live every week.

I'm 100% its target demo. It's about 26 year olds being Boss Bitches. And like duh. I get that. I'm about to watch a new ep and I kinda think I'm about to blog about feelings throughout out the show.

Yeah. I think it's happening. In 3 . . . 2 . . . 1. . .


Guhhhhh this show makes me wanna go back in NY. I went last October and I miss it.

Also. Sutton Foster is so adorable. She does straight up look 26. Get it girl.

Hilary Duff's (who will always affectionately be known in my head as Lizzie McGuire) wardrobe is so on point. This poncho cape thing she is wearing is my dream.

Why is this woman pressuring Lizze McGuire to get married to her bf. She's 26. Leave her alone.

I'm really not a fan of Thad. Kelsey (Hilary Duff/Lizzie McGuire) can do better.


*****************Commersh Break*************************

Liza (Sutton Foster) is wearing a skirt. And it looks freezing in the show. Not sure how I feel about that.

Josh is very attractive. He has LOTS of tattoos. My bf is sitting right next to me. So that's all I can say.

This Cheryl Sussman woman needs to leave precious Liza ALONE. NOW.

RUDE. RUDE. RUDE. Can't stand her.

Something important just happened but I kinda missed it.

*****************Commersh Break*************************

(The commercial for Extra Gum where it shows this young couple from when they meet to when they get engaged and has "Can't help falling in love" makes me BAWL)

Liza is laying on a shrinks couch now. I def missed something. 

This show is just so damn CUTE.


I hate that Liza has to hide her age. 

I meannnnnnn 26 year old girls get cray when they're upset. Kelsey is raging right now. She might be hammered. 

OMG Josh is bawling. 

Josh and Liza are 100% about to break up. We all knew it was coming. But guhhh dev. 

*****************Commersh Break*************************


And now he's proposing. K. Kelsey broke up with you. 

But K she accepted. After lecturing Liza on her inadequate relationship to Josh. I'm furious. 




Big F****** Magic

No but for real . . . BIG. MAGIC.

When did I stop writing blog posts?? I just re-read a lot of my old ones and I was . . . ADORABLE in them. Like, they were PRESH.

It is currently 8:12 pm on a Tuesday evening and I am STUFFED with Sugarfish. Well I should say I'm stuffed with tuna. I'm historically allergic to almost every kind of fish besides tuna.

So. Tuna.
I'm stuffed with tuna.

So, I'm reading this book called Big Magic. Have you read it? If you haven't DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ IT IMMEDIATELY. It's all about fear during the creative process and I'm OBSESSED.

It's become my go-to during any down time I have during pilot season. Which is not a lot. (kill me).

In the section I'm reading right now Elizabeth Gilbert is PREACHING about just DOING something creative. Taking out all the questioning. Taking out all the need to feel original. Taking out all the need to feel like you're gunna save the world. Just fucking DO something.


Especially during this time of year. There's such a high volume of auditions with extremely short turn around time . . .the creative PROCESS isn't the thing you stress when you have to be at CBS Radford in 2 hours and have 11 pages of sides prepped.

But I love this idea of doing something ELSE. Anything ELSE. And just DOING. IT.

You have Big Magic to thank for my return to blogging. Expect lots more updates on my sassy feelings about things.

Yes. Incase my visitors have forgotten . . . I'm very sassy. And I use the F word like all the time.

Go read Big Magic. Just do it.