23 Days

Its liiiiike . . . Wow. Where have you been Lilah? Why haven't you written in 23 days? Yes I've kept track. And each day my heart broke just a little bit more. I'm here now to make it up to you. Say you'll forgive me? You will?! I knew you would! 

Anyhoodle . . . HI! How art thou? Fab and a half I hope! I apologize for my MIA-ness over the last 23 days (fuh siers I kept track). It won't happen again I swear on everything I hold dear!

I've had a interesting 23 days. Things have calmed down a bit since pilot season has ended BUT last week I was pinned for a Guest Star role on the USA show Psyche! I was actually called in by the same Casting Director that tested me for the pilot. Julie Ahston. She's my Fairy Goddess Casting Director. And that's the truth. 

Also, I've started taking a bunch of meetings with different agencies since my agent and I have since parted ways. Funnnn timessssss mannnnn.

But the most important thing I must report is the gift I received last night from a friend.
Yes. That's a Trader Joe's Bag filled with Wasabi Seaweed. I'm spoiled. And I'm overly excited about it. It's fine. Just go with it.