Halloween Poetry at it's Finest

Twas all hallows eve 
And I home alone
Work on these audition sides? 
No. Obvi. I’ll write a poem.

A poem about what?
I asked in my head
My inner voice said

Twas Hallows Eve and all through L.A.
Weirdos of all ages came out to play
Be it partying in West Ho. or a lil Trick or Treat
Tonight is THE night to “FLAUNT YOUR FREAK”

But to the youngsta freaks
Out to the dark streets please don’t dart
I know you’re having so much fun
But it gives drivers like me palpitations of the heart

Major ones
You know dis son

It’s gets me stressed
I’m only 23
I can’t be dying from cardiac arrest

To all the Spooky Stunnas out there
Have fun and be safe aiiiight?
Happy Hallows Eve to All
And to ALL a FREAKAAY night


Words of Wisdom from the Ill Person

(that title almost rhymes. and by almost...i mean it doesn't. at all.)

"I just feel like...the more relaxation you can feel towards a subject, the more effective you can be in conquering it."

                                          ~ Me. Lost in thought. While in bed with food poisoning.

Think about it. It actually DOES make sense.


Just Call Me Wonder Woman

So a couple of weeks ago I became Wonder Woman. i know. I KNOW.

I've slacked on sharing my fun story...but now that I have pictures to prove it I figure the timing is perfect! AND I have nothing else to do while I'm sick in bed battling food poisoning. I know...I know...I don't *seem* sick via written word....but it's happening guys.

SO. Like I said....a couple of weeks ago I became Wonder Woman. My friend Nikki asked me if I would be willing to dress up as Wonder Woman for her 4 year old daughter, Amelia's, birthday party. And I was like ummm...duh?

Soooo I went! And Amelia was more than thrilled that THEEE Wonder Woman came to HER party! 

Not all of the kiddos were convinced I was the real deal. They proceeded to grill me HEAVILY with OBVIOUSLY planned out questions:

Child: Can you fly?
Me: Yes
Child: Did you fly here?
Me: Yes
Child: Well if you flew here, then where's your cape?!
Me: ...................My purse?   

She almost got me on that last one but I mean like HELLOOOO I'm an actressssss I totes know how to stay in character. 

After I passed the third degree from the munchkins they happily let me into their inner circle and we partayyyed for the next hour. And by "partayyyed" I mean: 

 We did each others hair

Focused heavily on creating the next great masterpiece painting 

Then took pics of said next great masterpiece painting

Then took pics of ourselves 

It was pretty much the best day of my life. Don't worry about it. 

Uggg unfortch I couldn't stay for the rest of the party because I needed to go save people. Day in the life. But when I told Amelia that she said: "Ok. can I watch you fly away?!" 

I danced around answering that question by teaching her the Super Secret Wonder Woman Special Handshake. Obvi. 

And then I was off. To save the world. In my cute dress. As Wonder Woman. Best day of my life. 

And the funny thing is, I got commercial representation out of this party by accident?! Only in LA. I may be considering walking around town in my Wonder Woman costume just to see what else happens.

Uck it's so hot. I'm back to wearing shorts to bed. In mid October.




Right & Wrong

"There's no such thing as right & wrong. Only good & bad. And you're only bad when you're trying to be right. "

                                             ~ Kevin Kline



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After the Fall

Guys. Yesterday I had to tape an audish for casting in NY and I'm in loveeeeee with the project. I have a secret (not so secret) affinity for projects with a somber vibe. No idea why considering I base my life off of thinking positively and actively being happy........oh well...

Anyhoo, uggggggg LOVE this project. Here's the description: After 13-year-old MARIA, the beloved baby of her family, dies from a shockingly rare condition, her grief-stricken parents and older siblings struggle to make sense of their own lives. Maria's father JOHN becomes obsessed with building a children's hospital, but his single-minded focus comes at the expense of his wife BRENDA and their adult triplets MICHAEL, JULIE, and STEPH, until he discovers Maria's Diary and is reminded of the importance of family...

And here's the breakdown for the character I play, Steph: The intense, impulsive outsider and perpetual black sheep of the family, she clashes frequently with her parents, especially her mother, whom she views as unemotional and out of touch with reality. When her baby sister Maria dies, Steph leaves college behind and moves home to look after her mother and father. She takes a job as a barista at Starbucks but soon finds that her parents are even more determined to deny their emotions since Maria's death. Feeling stifled and frustrated, Steph splits town with a guy she barely knows...


Enjoy the tape. Watch it several times. Then watch it again on YouTube. Then comment and like it on YouTube. Then share it with your friends. Rinse & Repeat. Thank you. Love you. 


The Starving Games

Oh hayyyyy friends! Happy Friday! And Happy October (MY FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR. YES.) !!

SO. I recently auditioned for The Starving Games. 

Hey Lilah, that kind of sounds like "The Hunger Games" but....different.

OMG. That's why I love you guys. You just...GET it.

Yes. The Starving Games is the new spoof movie that's being made based off of The Hunger Games! I just thought it was so funny that I had to tape it =)

I read for the role of Kantmiss Evershot (heh heh heh soo clever!). The first scene is The Starving Game's version of The Reaping (shit's about to get realllll). And in the second scene Kantmis is playing a game of charades with Rudy (Rue) about a beehive.

It's sups funs. Watch it. Love it. Watch it again on YouTube so I can't get more views and become more popular =)

Love you.