Nellie & Anna

Hayyy Frannss! Happy Sunday!

I taped this audition last Wednesday and I'm just NOW putting it up. What?! I know. Not okay. Anyhoo, like I said, I had to put this audition on tape because the director is out of town until August SO he wanted all of the initial auditions to be on tape . . . to save time assuming. Quite smart if you ask me. 

Its an Indie Drama about two sisters who's mother is a heroin addict and their step father abuses them. I play the older sister Nellie. I'm very protective and have developed a bit of a edge because of the trauma I've been through in my life thus far. 
This scene however is a lighter scene between the two sisters. We're just chatting about dreaming about flying. Two things you'll need to know for the scene: 1.) Venice, CA is where the girls grew up before their dad passed away. Its a symbol of happy carefree times.  2.) Bernie is Anna's (the little sister) ratty stuffed bear.



Summertime ~

SO! (I feel like I start A LOT of my posts with "SO!" . . . . . I do huh? . . . ) It's Summertime . . . and the livin' is easyyyyy . . . and a little less busy!

Summer is typically a slow period for the industry. I mean actors, producers, directors, casting directors etc. need a rest at some point right? THIS means I get to do more of one thing that I actually really love! What's is that? Well I'm sooooo glad you asked! I get to do more Casting Director Workshops!

Once of my favorite places to do them is at The Actor's Key in Burbank. I basically sign up to see a specific Casting Director, pick my scene and perform it for them audition style. We get feedback and everything!

I did a workshop this past weekend with Ani Avetyan who was a doll! She is so unbelievably inspirational and really . . . I mean REALLY cares about actors. LOVED it!

I'm also doing another this Saturday with Scott David. I've been trying to get in to see him for MONTHS but that guy is POP-U-LAR! All of his workshops are always filled! So excited I FINALLY get to meet him.

Summer has been extremely enjoyable so far . . . and NOT just because I've been anticipating my birthday *whispers* which by the way is in 12 days (<----shameless plug. I've been doing it to my friends for the past 3 months. They're ready to kill me.) . It's just nice to get a chance to take a couple of breaths, recharge and get ready for a busy episodic season.

Stay Tuned! Happy *Summer* ~