Take a Peek

Just a few pics from the Theo and Juliet Shoot I did. Enjoyyyy


Theo & Juliet

I shot some new heashots with Theo & Juliet today! By far THE GREATEST headshot sesh I've ever had. I loved it and them. Stellar shots, marvelous make up, heavenly hair, warm atmosphere (literally. they had this nifty lil heat-fan-thing), inviting andddd I meannnn....I really can't hate on people who keep their mini fridge stocked with Whole Foods ;-)

I can't wait to share the pics with all of you! Until then friends...




YES!! The rumors are TRUE! Yours Truly is now officially SAG Eligible!! EEEEK!

What better timing than at the start of Pilot Season right?! I'm telling you...its ALLL about 2011. Twenny-Levin ~ Twenny-Heaven. Know it. Live it. LOVE it.

Stay tuned friends. This season is going to be R I C H . 



Twenny-Levin ~ Twenny-Heaven

. . . that's how I see it.

I hope everybody had an E P I C end to Twenty Ten and are ready for a beyond AMAZING year and decade!

LET'S DO THIS! Twenny-Levin ~ Twenny-Heaven. And so it IS ~*~