**Drum ROLL Pleaseee**

Ladies and Gentlemen!! You've heard me blab about it . . . You've seen the SNEAKY pics . . . AND NOW . . . THE moment we have ALLLLL been waiting for . . . I give to you . . . WORLD OF LINES!!! . . . and the crowd goes WIIILLLLDDD!!!


If I were as wonderful as YOU

I would MOST DEFINITELY  set my Tivo for G4's "Attack of the Show" @ 4PM tomorrow. A lil teaser for the Coheed & Cambria film that I'm in, "World of Lines", premieres!! Wooooo!! 

I'll post the full-length version as sooooon as I get my hands on it. Yeahhhhh! Thanks for your support =)



Theme for LIFE . . .

. . . ONE of them anyway

"Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle."  Abraham Lincoln

Hustle. Gotcha. CHECK!

Thanks Abe! You're so wiseeee