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SO! I finally gave into twitter.............(I know right?).......FOLLOW ME!

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Thank You Kindly



The Fighter

I saw a pre-screening of The Fighter last night at The Regent theater in West Ho.


Oh My GODDESS...Holy Crap...Christian Bale! He effin stole the Movie. Oscar Nom? Yes Please! Go see it.



I Am Thankful

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by Loved Ones and Friends. I am absolutely Thankful for everything and everyone in my Life and for all of the Love and Support I am given.

Here's to the last few weeks of the year my friends! Lets make it * E P I C *



Ode To All Hallows Eve

Twas Hallows Eve and all through L.A.
Weirdos of all ages came out to play

Be it partying in West Ho. or a lil Trick or Treat
Tonight is THE night to “FLAUNT YOUR FREAK”

To all the Spooky Stunnas out there
Have fun and be safe aiiiight?
Happy Hallows Eve to All
And to ALL a FREAKAAY night



The Lying Game

I just put this on tape for a new ABC Family Pilot called "The Lying Game." I get to play twins (Emma & Sutton)!! Whaaatttt?! How fun right??

Enjoy Friends =))



**Drum ROLL Pleaseee**

Ladies and Gentlemen!! You've heard me blab about it . . . You've seen the SNEAKY pics . . . AND NOW . . . THE moment we have ALLLLL been waiting for . . . I give to you . . . WORLD OF LINES!!! . . . and the crowd goes WIIILLLLDDD!!!


If I were as wonderful as YOU

I would MOST DEFINITELY  set my Tivo for G4's "Attack of the Show" @ 4PM tomorrow. A lil teaser for the Coheed & Cambria film that I'm in, "World of Lines", premieres!! Wooooo!! 

I'll post the full-length version as sooooon as I get my hands on it. Yeahhhhh! Thanks for your support =)



Theme for LIFE . . .

. . . ONE of them anyway

"Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle."  Abraham Lincoln

Hustle. Gotcha. CHECK!

Thanks Abe! You're so wiseeee



Food For Thought

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything"




I am sooooo bad! I am really NOT supposed to be sharing this. The label just might kill me BUTTT I just had to share a couple of photos from the World Of Lines shoot I did. So here's a lil sneak peak! But shhhhhhh you didn't hear it from me...



World of Lines

All set to star in Coheed and Cambria's next music video/short film World of Lines. The short will be directed by Lex Halaby and will document a rag tag group of suburban teenagers. SOOOOO excited to be working on this project! I wish I could give out more details but then I would ruin..........the surprise! YES! The Surprise. Surprises are grrrrrrrrreat! I'll let you all know when you can catch the final cut. Until then, My Friends...