Reunited and it feels so GOOD!

UGG! WHY haven't I talked to you guys in forevs?! Did you miss me? Personally, I feel like my life hasn't been complete without guys for the past couple weeks. My heart was aching.  I hope the feeling is mutual.

Anyhoodle, my life got a lil cray over the past couple of weeks. I actually ended up Network Testing for the first time for a Series Reg. on the "Oh F*** Its You" Pilot! YAY!

The whole process was actually a fab one. I put the original audish on tape for Julie Ashton (who, beee teee dubsss is SO wonderful) and from there it snowballed into a couple of producer callbacks and then studio testing for Warner Bros (ummmm nicest group of people eva) and then network testing at CBS. But alas I didn't get the part. Actually none of the 3 girls (including me) left standing (that sounds so dramatic. like we're on Survivor or The Bachelor or something.............i like it) got it. Network decided that they wanted to go ethnic. And I get that CBS. Noooooo hard feelings ;-)

BUT! I wanted to post the original audish tape for you guys to see! It's such a fun lil character. Her name is HANNAH and she's a stoner meets hipster who abbrevs everything. And for those of you who know me and have been reading my blog KNOW that I abbrev the SHIT out everything in life. Heh heh heh no wonder I tested for it.....KIDDDING...............(so not kidding).........ENJOY!!



Omg you guys I just inhaled 3 cupcakes instead of eating lunch and now I wanna die. I feel so sick. Death by cupcake. Poor life decision. Amazing in-the-moment decision.

Anywayyyyy hi =) Hope you all watched and thoroughly enjoyed my Criminal Minds episode Directed by the wonderful Rob Spera!

Here's an audish that I had to put on tape this morning for the hit SyFy (that's how you spell SyFy right? I could totally google it to make sure................but.........that would be less exciting ) show Alphas. Its for a new series regular role named Kat.

Kat is a badass because she has a photographic memory BUT its short term. She forgets it all...like for serious its erased...after a couple of weeks.

In the first scene she is in a helicopter with Hicks and they discuss if Kat knows how to fly it. Ummmmm I hope she DOES because she's totes sitting in the pilot seat about ready to take off.......

In the second scene she is training a guy named Harken. That scene is pretty self explanatory soooooo I'll leave it as a surprise ;-)

I hope you enjoy it!!

Seriously tho guys. Death by cupcake. Its happening. Right now.