How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life

Oh hayyyyyyy!! Happy Sunday! Are you in L.A.?? Are you dying of heat stroke like I am?? Ok good. I'm glad we have that in common.

I'm obsessed with the pilot "How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life" SO I taped some scenes from it. 

Its fun.
Its funny.
Watch it.
Love it.
Watch it again.
Love it again.
The End.

Love you guysssssss!


MY Birthdayyy!

Hayyyy Friendssss!! How. Are. Your. Lives. ?? Fabu I hope.

Sooo my birthday was passed about a week ago but if you're like ME your birthday lasts.....let's just say....more than a day =D

And did it EVER!! It was by FAR the best birthday thus far!

My bff came down from NorCal (I wrote an epic novel blog post about my last visit with her back in May) which was easilyyyy one of the best parts. But not only was she here to hang with me BUT she was sooo sneaky and ended up arranging a HUGE surprise dinner with all of our friends!

She originally told me it was just gunna be me & her & our other friend Paula at the dinner. She was like "Yeah we'll have like a girls night!" I of course was down because any time with mah girlz is a good time!

Welllll how SURPRISED was I when I walked into the restaurant as saw ALL of my closet friends waiting there for me! Awwww! Touche Noelle (my BFF) Touche ;-)

The SURPRISE dinner was complete with a homemade cake from the Cupcake Boss (I call him that because he is the youngest contestant to ever win TLC's hit show Cupcake Wars!), my wonderful friend Stephen Davalos . . .

(the cake is there. i promise. it's just hidden by all the presents. heh heh heh.)

 . . . AND a very special DREAM CATCHER Cake (uggg she knows me so well) made by my doll of a friend Paula . . . 

(props to instagram for making me, my friends & this cake more even MORE adorbs) 
Not only did I get a friend celebration BUT I also got a super wonderful family celebration! Gourmet fruit tarts and wine donned the table AND I got a very special one of a kind picture from the foreign exchange student that my cousin's family is hosting! AWWW!   

Last but not least was a cutesy all girls bday dinner with my acting class friends. My friend Nikki arranged the entire thing at a supa cute restaurant in WeHo called Luna Park. Ummm DELISHH!! I've never been there before but I now might have to eat every meal there for the rest of my life. The  Marinated Hawaiian Tuna “Poke” with Fried Wonton Chips is my favorite thing that exists. 

Although my friends' Presence was Present enough (heh heh heh. Supa clever play on words. No bigz) my friend Rosalie got me these GORGEOUS flowers that she arranged herself! Stopppp!

The night ended with cake. Obvs. But fake cake. Because Luna Park is sneaky. Yes that's a plastic cake. HAH! That got me sooo good when they brought it out. Never Feat guys. They totes brought out do it yourself smores....real ones....I know. I KNOW.

UGGGGG! What an AMAZING Birthday! Here's to another extra special year of life!