Let's talk about Kristin

It's 10am. And I legit just climbed a tree to get a lemon for my tea.

In addition to being 10am . . . it's also the hottest day that's ever happened.

So I have a home gym that I've worked out in for DECADES. But I'm so over it. I'm so effing bored of it. 

SO. I joined a gym! Woooo. I joined Crunch on Sunset in WeHo. I was little wary at first because I'm not like . . . the biggest fan of gyms? 

I have a hard time accepting the people that are obviously there just to prance around in a gym........................I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. 

But I love this gym so we're good! 

So let's talk about Kristin. My new Personal Trainer! I loveeeeeee herrrrrrrrr sooooooo muchhhhhhh. But since starting with her... 


but I secretly love it. She's so smart and knows her shit. And she's also a person I would want to be friends with in real life which makes working out so much fun. She's known as The Care Bear of Death over at Crunch because she's torturing you but is like....really sweet about it! So if any of you are looking for a trainer . . . KRISTIN. duh.

So just know that during this OBNOXIOUS, HISTORICALLY slow period in the industry . . . I'm working out like a banshee . . . and I'm sore . . . in all places . . . at all times. 

Also. I recently got a new MacBook and one of it's "lovely features" is that it AutoCorrects. EXCEPT IT'S NOT LOVELY WHEN YOU'RE WRITING A BLOG POST AND IT WANTS TO CORRECT EVERY OTHER WORD. 

That's it. I gotta go workout now. Byeeeeeeeee. 


Coffee Tweaker

Soooooooooo this post is coming to you from the airport because my flight was delayed. 2 hours. I like . . . I can't even talk about it.

Currently listening to: "Summer Sinner" by Nicky Blitz

Hiiiiiiiiii booooooos! It's Sunday. Like I said I'm sitting in an airport right now killing time. I'm also kinda tweaking out on coffee so this post should be interesting.

I went to NorCal this weekend to see my BFFs!! I was soooo excited for springtime in the bay area.

SPRINGTIME?? FALSE. It was THE DEAD OF WINTER. I had to wear a coat and scarf. If it hadn't been 90 in LA leading up to my trip I might have been able to handle it . . . but it wasn't . . . and I couldn't.

So there's that.

But my BFFs were so worth it!

On Friday me and my Soul Sister Noelle went to Berkeley to visit our friend Paula. And then we went to San Fran to OFF THE GRID. Which is kinda like first fridays in Venice. It's a food truck festival and I had THE BEST TACO OF MY LIFE.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY...I really wanted to go to Alcatraz. But Paula wouldn't let me because apparently its like a thing you have to "plan" you can't just like....go........

Not amused.

Then Saturday we threw our other Soul Sister and Noelle's real life sister a surprise birthday party! I effing love surprises. I just wanna be surprised everyday of my life. With all things.

And now I'm here. At the airport. Tweaking on coffee. Live tweeting my experience.

Also. I don't call my boyfriend enough.

And now I really have to pee. Byeeeeeeeeeee!


Where. THE HELL. have you BEEN?!

But seriously right? Its like..." Oh hey Lilah, nice of you to abandon your website slash blog slash journal for DECADES."

 i get it.


I'm here now! hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Missed you to the moon!

Quick Recap? Of my life? Yeah?

I am now a TEACHER at Lesly Kahn & Co. =D

My pilot didn't get picked up. (WHATEVER. I LIKE...DON'T EVEN CARE. I'M TOTALLY FINE WITH IT. -_-)

I had a RAGING pilot season. (That's a good thing.)

I signed with new reps. Love me some TalentWorks.

Anddddddddd I got blood work done for the first time in my life like a week ago and have some OPINIONS about my veins.

Can we just....talk a second about this?? Because...I have things to say.

My arms. Yes ARMS. PLURAL. Have been bruised for DECADES. APPARENTLY I have "rolling veins" which means they are NOT AMUSED with having blood drawn from them. They LITERALLY run away from the needle. I get it. Sooooooooooo the fricken needle is poking around under the skin trying catch the veins and bruising everything in sight!

ALSO. I was NOT aware that they would be taking 4 tubes of blood. I swear to everything I almost passed out. Sick.

I meannnn it was an experience and I may or may not have taken this photo and sent it to my boyfriend to show him how much pain I was in.

I don't count it as a selfie because I sent it to him via text and didn't upload it to social media.
But now that I think about it....does this count as social media? Because if it does....I just uploaded my first self. Uck.

Ok. That's all I'm gunna say about my blood.

I'm heading to NorCal this weekend to see my bff! When I tell people I'm going out of town they immediately yell COACHELLA?! And I'm like......................that's still a thing?

So expect raging updates from my trip up north!

Love you guys! Glad to be back!! =))