Happy Holidays!

 I wanted to give y'all a lil somethin somethin to hold you over
until all of your Holiday Festivities! Enjoy 3x my face! Tis the Season . . . 


Ode to Electricity

Never have I ever been more thankful for Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb.

GUYS!. Guys. Just listen to this. As many of you know L.A. had a crazy windstorm last Wednesday Night. Wellllll I lost my power for 3 WHOLE DAYS!! I barely got it back last night. Doesn't sound like much but it was like a third world country at my house. A third world country in the 1600's. SO EFFING THANKFUL FOR ELECTRICITY!

Sooo yeahhh that happened. Which is WHY I've been so MIA. BUT I'm here now! So let's talk.

Tis the season for the industry to slowwww it dowwwwn a bit and get into vaca mode. But since I get bored easily I like to keep busy doin some funnn stufff.

In addition to doing workshops (which you KNOW I weirdly love doing) I think I wanna start just filming a BUNCH of great scenes and stuff?! I mean I DID buy a camera and I should start putting it to use! Maybe I could do like one a week!?!? Like a TV series or something......yeahhhh.....I like that......the Lilah show..............or something.......
SO y'all can definitely look forward to lots of goodies coming your way for December! Yay!
~ Lilah