Criminal Minds: WRAPPED!

Gahhhhhh what an AMAZING experience!

Hi Guys! I wrapped Criminal Minds yesterday and had SUCH an amazing time. It was like they took all of the loveliest people in L.A. AND in the Industry and put them on this show.

The Director Rob Spera was SUCH a wonderful person as well! Super nice. Always kept his cool. And just an all around great Director.

OH! Not only were the people great BUT I met soooo many L.A. Natives!! Whaaaat?! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE?! We all bonded. It was cute.

My episode airs on Feb. 29th @ 9/8 central on CBS. If you can't remember that far in advance NO WORRIES! You KNOW I'll be reminding you plenty before then ;-)

Anyhoooooo I took some pics throughout the shoot that I'd like to share! Enjoy!

The Script. You know...just in case I forgot what show I was working on...

 I got my own trailer!! But I mean....whatevs...

 My character Julie sometimes gets herself into a bit of trouble...

"A bit" might be a minor understatement...



"A bit" might be a MAJOR understatement?...

 Because Julie likes to get herself into trouble on the show...Lilah's
knees suffered in real life...

Thanks to the supa comfy UGGs they gave her to hang out in...Lilah
was able to take the knee injuries like a champ....

Lilah had a scene with Shemar Moore yesterday but forgot to
take a pic because she was too busy figuring out how to seamlessly start referring
to herself in the 3rd person mid blog post...

And they all lived Happily Ever After! The End!

Remember! My episode airs on Feb. 29th @ 9/8 central on CBS. GET EXCITEDDD!


Criminal Minds Shoot!

You GUYS!! You. Guys. EVERYONE on this set is uh-may-zing. Legit. Eve.ry.one.

I'm tweeting a bunch about it BUT I'm compiling some pics for a post when the shoot is ova! Get excited. Wooooo!!

Just wanted to update y'all. Hope you're having a splendid day ~



After keeping this secret for 3 weeks (THREE FRICKEN WEEKS!!) I can OFFICIALLY say that I just accepted an offer for a role on Criminal Minds!! Yayyyy!!

I film next week and I am cray-to-the-zay EXCITED!! I'll keep you posted as to when my episode airs ok?! OK!

Ohhhh hayyyyy 2012! You are lookin mighty fine!

Happy Friday Friends ~

(try saying this post out loud while correctly implementing the amount of exclamation points I used. I just tried it. Its hard.)