Calico Ghost Town

So basically I wanna live in a western.

This past Monday me and my friend Alison were like..."Hey let's blindly point to a map of Southern Cali. And then let's go to the place we end up pointing to. Today."

So we did.

We ended up in Calico Ghost Town which is just a precious little western town.

I didn't realize that it was actually like a thing. I thought it would be a little town that we would just drive through and I would be back in time for lunch. But no. ITS LIKE A THING THAT PEOPLE GO TO.

It costs $14 to get in (well worth it) and you can LITERALLY ROAM AROUND A LITTLE WESTERN TOWN AND DO WHAT THE WESTERNERS DO.

Panned for Gold (seriously)
Drank Lemonade on a big wrap around porch while rocking on rocking chairs (why wouldn't you do that?)
Toured a real silver mine
ANDDDDD got fudge from our new BFF Patty at the Sweet Shoppe. (TDF. To. Die. For.)

It was JUST the best day of my life. And now I'm devastated because I don't ACTUALLY live in a western town.

(Also. PS. Get excited because we filmed this entire trip. And Alison and I are hilar when we're together)


I'm literally a Ninja

But like for real. I'm literally a ninja.

My friend called me and was like "HEY. I just bought this super sick cam. I wanna shoot some stuff. But I need a human to shoot. Will you be my human?"

And I was like "Obvi"

SO we get to the bat caves (did you know there were bat caves in LA? and by bat caves I mean the caves where they filmed BAT.MAN. i know. I KNOW. I had no idea either.) over at Bronson Canyon and started messing around with the cam.

Then my friend was like "HEY. Let's climb all the way up that super steep mountain and film up there! It'll look dopppppe."

Then I said (in my UGGs) "K!"

Getting up the super steep mountain was a little tough (because I was wearing UGGs) but I just kept reminding myself of the amazing workout my butt was getting.

Then it came time to climb down.......................................................


..................while still wearing UGGs.

Literally impossible.

Have you ever TRIED to climb down a super steep mountain whilst wearing UGGs? Because it can't be done.

But it's fine. Because I'm a ninja.

SO. I slid down. On my butt. The whole way. Grabbing branches as I passed them to steady myself. Like ninjas do.

I have some cuts and bruises. But I made it. Because I'm a ninja. Literally.