I mean . . . Why NOT??


ITS HERE! The Transfers Audition Tape is FINALLY here! YES! 

I just shot this today for a film called Transfers. I got to channel my Russian Roots for this. Vat the hell am I talking about?? Ok let me break it down for you. 

I play a girl named Irina who just transferred to USC from Eastern Europe. I am studying Neuropsychiatry and occasionally get possessed by my dead twin sister. VAT?!!? Holly Crap right?! 



I prefer to Be a Busy Bee

Man, have I been busyyyy! That's a good thing. I'd rather be busy than just sitting around.

SO! I've had two more REALLY amazing auditions since the last time we talked. One of them was for an HBO Film called Game Change where I got to play . . . BRISTOL PALIN?!! Hell Yeah! THAT was awesome. They had me improv instead of preparing sides. Yes. I literally got to improv Bristol Palin. Love It.

The other audition I had was for a contract role on The Young and The Restless. I actually met the Casting Director Camille St. Cyr about 3 years ago in a non-audition circumstance so it was so great seeing her again.

AND NOW I am preparing for another audition I have coming up for a film called Transfers. I am SO intrigued by this one because they didn't release a script AND there is an obvious Supernatural element to the film! What?! So mysterious. My imagination is working overtime. But I'm not complaining. I thoroughly love it.

Yeahhh let's keep this goinnnn



Today's Callback went SO well! The casting directors and producers were all super nice and welcoming. I got a TON of laughs (yay). I had FUN! Why have I been drawn to this profession since I was little? Well there's your answer right there! Its. So. Much. Fun.

I'm feeling really amazing right now. I'm so thankful that I have a real honest and true passion for something.

Shout out to Greenstein/Daniel Casting! Today was so much......(yes that's right)..... F U N !


Soooo remember that callback that I got for the pilot Vince Uncensored?? WELL its TODAY! Yess! One thing I always ask myself is WHY do I always have SO much FUN at callbacks? And WHY does it always turn into a partyy? I don't know why but I'm thankful.

SO let's do this! Let's go have some * F U N *

I'll let you know how it goes friends!


Vince Uncensored

Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzz I am THOROUGHLY overwhelming your lives with audition tapes lately huh?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  well why stop now!?! Here's anotha! Its for a CBS Multi-Cam Pilot called Vince Uncensored. I had so much filming it! AND GUESS WHAT! I already got a CALL BACK for this one! Yessssssss! Enjoy the vid and the silly still shot of my face!