Garden Apartments

I'm shooting a recurring role for a pilot tomorrow called The Garden Apartments.

Miss Crista Flanagan (the creator of the show) called and pitched the role to me like this:

Crista: "You're basically a hot, trashy, selfish young mom with 2 dirty kids under the age of 3. WOuld you be interested in playing that."

Me: "Yes. For the love of Gawd yes."

So. That's happening. Get excited.

Guhh. I can't wait to play with the dirty child.

I thought you said you were on Two Broke Girls

Oh hey guys.

Ummm sooo remember when I said I would be on Two Broke Girls on 2.18?

And remember when production told me the wrong air date of my episode?

And remember when you watched on 2.18 and didn't see me?

Well that's why.


Turns out my episode aired a couple of weeks ago.

I love you all for watching tho! You're my favorite <3 br="">


Vid City

Guys. I'm back to posting vids. Here's one of them. Get excited. It's all happening.

KFC: Kool Fricken Chicken


I booked and shot a KFC commersh last week. I will forever look at KFC and hear the words Kool Fricken Chicken. Why? The dad in the spot was improving and referred to KFC as Kool Fricken Chicken and became my favorite person.

I'll post a vid of the spot once I track it down.

Kool Fricken Chicken.

SO many things

Oh well hayyy. Fancy seeing you 'round these parts. It's been a hot second.

I have like 87 things to tell you. And by 87 I mean 3. And by tell you...I mean blog about. Which I plan on doing. Right now. In 3 separate posts.

First. I booked and shot a delightful role on Two Broke Girls. Siiiiiiiick. I got to wear Louboutins and carry an Hermes bag. Hawt.

My episode airs on CBS one week from today 2.18. Y'all bestttt beeee watchinggggggggg!