21 and Over

Wooo! More Auditionsss! 

This one I especially loved! Its a project called 21 and Over and its from the writers of The Hangover. Think . . . The Hangover . . . College Edition. Intrigued much?? This film is going to be hilarious!

My character's name is Nicole.  She's a bohemian, free spirit, IMPOSSIBLY cool chick that captures the heart of one of the male leads.

In the first scene she's meeting Casey (her soon to be love) at a bar and of course flirty banter ensues. 

In the second scene Nicole runs into Casey again but this time at a hospital. Much to her surprise she spots Casey naked except for a strategically placed sock (I told you it was Hangover College Edition) furiously putting on a pair of scrubs. 
Hope you love it!

Oh and P.S. A round of applause for the extreamly awkward still shot of my face!! ;-)


Instant Callbacks are Awesome!

I got a callback for The Finder! I literally heard within an hour of sending the tape to my reps! AND I get to go to the Fox Studio Lot for the first time. Can you say . . . YESSSSSS!!

What an amazing way to start off the week right?!

The Finder

I gots some new goods for ya! 

This is an audition that I just put on tape for a new TV Show called The Finder. Its the spin off of the series Bones so its got that quirky (<--is that how you spell that?) charm that we all know and love!
I play a girl named Willa who is, in a nutshell, a 17 year old badass! She was raised in a family of criminals and is PRO at conning people. Niiiiiice.

Ok so this first scene takes place in the bar where she works at and she is bantering back and fourth with Leo (played by Michael Clark Duncan). 

The second scene she is sitting with Walter (played by Geoff Stults) and he's basically testing her to see how good her intuition is when picking out potential crime suspects.

Hope you loveeeeee it!


Surprise you say??!

Welllll I had lil scheduled photo shoot today for a . . . SURPRISE that I'm working on! YES! That's right! A surrrrprise! I can't give you all the deets right now (because, you know, its a surprise) BUT since you guys are such loyal readers and friends I will give you a sneak peak of some of the pics =)