Criminal Minds PREVIEW!!

Here's the preview for my episode next week! Wattchhhh itttttt! 

Next Wednesday. Feb 29th. 9/8 Central. CBS. Its happening. 



I have a callback in Santa Monica (aka Guam) tomorrow for a Pilot. After my audition last week it took me 2 hours and 35 mins to get home. I had to stop and get some Yogurtland just to keep myself from having a traffic related mental breakdown.Wish me luck.


THIS is happening. Wed. Feb 29th. 9/8 Central on CBS. Get Excited. 


Supppppp dudesssss!! How you been? Fabu I hope!

Omg so its been a CRAY week so far! And I have a lil goodie to show for it!

This is for a new CW pilot called Dakota. Its about a documentary filmmaker from LA named Maya. She TOTES has an obsession with a fallen rock legend from the 90's named Joey Dakota (hence the name of the pilot. heh heh heh) who committed suicide when he was 25. Joey was ALSO best friends with Maya's parents who passed in a car accident when she 5. OH! and Maya gets to spend the series traveling back in forth in time between the 90's and present day hoping to undo the tragedies involving her loved ones. What Maya DOESN'T realize is that with every minor alteration to the past she creates a MAJOR alteration in the future. Really Maya? You didn't know that? Didn't you see Back to the Future? That's like STANDARD with time travel. duh. 

Anyhoo...in this first scene. We're at my documentary film premier. My friend decided to sleep through it. I chastise her. Rightfully so. 

In the second scene I traveled back in time and actually just met Joey Dakota!! (eeeek geek moment.) I'm having a tough time grasping the fact that I'm ACTUALLY back in the past. Again. Rightfully so. So I sneak away to the bathroom to have a reality check moment with myself in the mirror.

In the third scene Joey and I are TOTES hitting it off! OOoOoooOO! And are having chatty flirty banter. 

Fourth scene...or shall I say song....yeahhhh casting asked that I sing a bit of the song "Time After Time" (which F Y to the I ALWAYS reminds me of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. That was my favorite movie when I was 9. It was rated R. And highly inappropriate.) Soooo there's a lil something extra for you!

So there you go friends! enjoy!


Thicker Than Water

Whattttt upppppppp

I gots a new fun vid to show you! It's from a film called Thicker Than Water and I love it soooo muchhhh!

It's about a dad and his two daughters. The oldest daughter Sandy is: blonde, beautiful, just got married to a rich guy, perfect. The youngest daughter Lulu (me) is the antithesis of all that is Sandy. She is sassy, sarcastic, goth/punk rebel child. Oh HELL yeah.

In this first scene Sandy has just returned home after leaving her husband (of 6 months) Gregory after finding out he cheated on her. This does not go over well with Lulu.
In the second scene Lulu and Sandy are spending some sister time together.........?????? Awkwarrrrddddd!!!