The Glee Project

So here's the thing . . . even though my last post was only 8 days ago . . . that's not good enough!! Right?? I've def gotten better about posting BUT I wanna start posting AT LEAST twice a week. It's like who DOESN'T wanna hang with their cyber friends more often riiiight? I'm gunna do it. Its gunna happen. Get excited.

Anyhoooo Hayyy Guyssss! How ya doinnn? Splendid I'm hoping!

Guys! I was reading my journal (yes I totes keep a journal. i'm secretly a 13 year old girl.) entries from the past month and I realized that October has been a BADASS MONTH!! LOTS of great auditions! Had some greatttt meetings! And it's only getting better! (damn. I use alot of exclamation points)

To end this supa awesome month and transition into the NEXT supa awesome month I'm auditioning for The Glee Project! Yuppppp on Monday (Halloween!) I will be singing my little heart out for Robert Ulrich. (<--- Be Tee Dubs (btw) I'm SO excited to meet him. He casts American Horror Story. THOROUGHLY geeking out). I got to meet up with my vocal teacher that I haven't seen in AGES to brush up for the audish.

I was realizing that you guys don't know what my singing voice sounds like. I think this means I need to put the song I end up singing on tape for you guys. Yeah its totes gunna happen.

I'm madly in love with you all! Hope you have an amazing weekend and a Happy Halloween! Be Safe!

Till next time dolls <3

~ Lilah



Do you guys even realize how many times I wanted to post this week!? It's like every time I sat down to write I got an audition that needed immediate attention. Jeeeez audishes are SO needy ;-) KIDDING (not kidding)!

Here's one that I put on tape on Wednesday for casting in NY. Its for a little show called DAMAGES on FX with some chick named Glenn Close (whaaaat?!). The two scenes that I did are actually with Glenn Close's character and the idea of acting with her made me stupid giddy! Can. You. IMAGINE?!

Ok let me set it up for you as best I can (there was very little info that came with the audition). In the first scene Glenn Close comes to my house to talk to my mother. I called her because she is a VERY powerful lawyer and my mother is in DESPERATE need of one.

The second scene takes place in Glenn Close's office. We are discussing how to move forward with the lawsuit we want to file. My mother "blew the whistle" on some people (I wish I knew WHO!) to this guy named McClaren. He promised that her identity would be kept a secret but somehow my mother was outed and we're assuming it was McClaren.

I hope that made SOME sense. Like I said there was like NO info that came with this audition.


Oh and P.S................at this point the Universe is playing a funny trick on me in regards to the still shots of my face. It like.....HOW does somebody manage to have THAT many retarded shots of their face???


When one door closes . . .

SOOOOO I've decided that I'm going to start posting more! Yay? YAY!

I meannnn new things (little and not so little) happen allll the time sooo why not share right?? RIGHT.

SO (<~~~ I swearrr to GOD I need to find a new word to replace "so" I use it to start off pretty much every sentence. Trust me its no different when I actually SPEAK in real life. Anywayyyyy back to what I was saying ~~~>) today I got some interesting news . . . a couple of weeks ago I auditioned for the lead in a feature and got a callback. Went to the callback and must have done a pretty good job because they gave me a new scene to do as a cold read! (Nice.)

Welllll a few weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. I just thought Ok I guess I wasn't what they were looking for BUT THEN I got an email forwarded to me today from my agent from the producer from that film! They said I was their #4 Choice (fair enough) BUT he's developing this OTHER feature and he thinks I'm perfect for a role in that. He sent over the script so I can take a look at it. I've read the beginning so far but its looking coooooool.

LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! When one door closes another one opens ~

DO you guys feel thoroughly updated?? I hope so! If not lemme know kayyy? I'd be more than HAPPY to talk more ;-)

Till next time friends! Have a wonderful night ~


It's Friday, Friday

YO YO YO wat upppp!!! <~~~ I could never pull that off in real life.

Just wanted to fill you in on a lil somethin somethin. Me and my friend are developing an awesome web series. He's writing and acting in it and I'm helping him with the production side of it (and of course acting in it duh).

It's going fall under the whole supernatural genre that's oh so very popular right now! And we're actually going to film a scene from it as sort of a teaser within the next week. Yeahhhh hunnay. I can't wait to show you guys!

I honestly wish I could tell you more about it but the write swore me to secrecy. . .

OK WAIT! I never understood why people would start talking about something and get you all excited about it IF THEY KNEW "they couldn't give you any specific details" about it. You know what I'm talking about? Kiiiiiiinda like what I did now?? Oooops. But I mean maybe its ok ONLY when I do it?? ;-)

Anyhoo, I PROMISE to show you the little teaser scene when I it have ok? =)

Happy Friday ~

It’s Friday, Friday . . . Gotta get down on Friday . . . Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (you know that song runs through your head every Friday) . . . .


Be your own #1 Fan

Hey Friends ~

I feel like I have learned some pretty valuable lessons in the past couple of weeks. Perfect timing considering we're in the midst of episodic season and auditions are increasing by the week! Wanna hear em? Are you sureeeee? Ok FINE! If you insist . . .

1. Success is inevitable. Yup. Comforting right?! I know tellllll me about it.

2. #1 is only true if you back it up consistent perseverance, hard work, dedication, passion, specific marketing, focused actions, etc. etc..............omg that's alot.......

3. You can't fail if you don't QUIT!.........Oh thank God....

4. Have INTEGRITY in your work. Do it to its fullest!! Don't make your job, your rep's job, the CDs job, the producer's job etc. HARDER. Don't half ass ANYTHING. Kill it. Always. End of story.

5. BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN!! It's honestly very relieving. Like yourself. Love yourself and all that you do. Who caresssss if nobody else likes you as long as your biggest fan does ;-)

I feel like I've heard people tell me these things a MILLION times before but theres nothing like having them actually sink IN you know?

So there you go Friends. I rarely talk about what's going on with ME. It's usually all about what I'm up to. So I thought this would be a nice change. =)

Hope you enjoyed my inner monologue! ;-)

Tell next timeeeee ~