The Vatican Tapes

GUYSSSSSSSSSS. It's Saturday. And its gorgeous and sunny outside. I. Am. Thrilled.

Also. I taped another thing. i know. I KNOW. It's been forevs. But liiiiiiiikkkkkeeeee it's a good one so get excited. 

It's called The Vatican Tapes. The girl I play, Angela, after getting a cut on her finger that gets infected...gets possessed by unchecked evil when in the hospital. Just watch. It's thrilling. 

Luhhhhh Youuuuzzzz


It Happened

Currently Listening to: "Who Did That to You" by John Legend. (It's from the Django Unchained Soundtrack. And I GET that I'm a little late to the party but I just watched it yesterday and I'm obsessed with this songggg gahhhhh. PS Have you ever seen John Legend live? He. Is. Majestic.)

Oh Hayyyyyy Guyssssss!

Remember when I was like "Guys. I booked a role in a new Lifetime movie where I get to play a Goth Slut. Dreams really do come true!!" ??

Well it happened. I shot it like 2 weeks ago and it was by far my fave shoot that I've ever done. NOT just because I got to play my dream role BUT because it was overall a super wonderful set.

FIRST...one of the make up artists was a girl that I worked with on a short a few years ago. I always see her witty little posts on FB but I haven't seen her in person since that shoot. SO that was a happy little reunion.

Second...I uh.dored. (that's "adored" spelled phonetically) my co-star Eric Schneider. He was SO talented and SO professional and SO fun to be around. UH.DORED.

Third...Everyone on set was so effing cool. They all got my sarcastic & sassy sense of humor! Win.

Basically my dream in life would be to play a Goth Slut on that set everyday with all of those people. I miss them dearly.

OH! And I totally took pics of my outfit (or lack there of) BUT I'M NOT ALLOWED TO POST THEM. Devastated.

I'll be sure to let you know when the movie airs!


I've been Immortalized

A very good friend and SUPER successful actor Todd Stashwick asked me recently if he could use my likeness for him weekly comic strip called Devil Inside.


So we took some photo reference pics and now the first episode is up online!

Click the below photo to see it!