Grecian Royal Family . . . Where you at?

K. So here's the thing. My pilot didn't get picked up. Again. *Middle Fingers UP* 

But its FINE because I fled the country and went to GREECE. And I now have a plan to find and infiltrate the Grecian Royal Family so I can stay forever. 

I was in Athens for 24 hrs and then Mykonos for 10 days. 

GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  You GUYSSSSSSSSSSSUHHHH. It was so beautiful I want to CRY a thousand cries. 

Just look at my pics from insta.


Found a merman. Took him home with him. #pimp

The merman found his sea legs and took me on a sweet lil date. 


Pulled a stranded boat to shore with my bare hands. 
Keeping the waters safe. #MykonosPD

As the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, 

the Greek island of Delos (Greek: Δηλος; Dhílos, "Brilliant") 

was a major sacred site for the ancient Greeks.

Last goddamn beautiful night. Bawling. 

My Heart & Soul were beyond full, fat & happy 💗 

Till next time, friend. ευχαριστώ!